2017 Christmas Guide Awesome Toys For Babies And Toddlers

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Christmas is right around the corner!

Are you already ready? Or do you have a small list ideas? Maybe you are like me and feeling a bit stuck on what to get your baby for Christmas?

Want a fun toy but not sure which one will keep your little one captivated for long periods of time? Look no further than this awesome guide! From an ingenious walker to some fun handheld toys there is something here that your little one will love! These are highly entertaining toys that can help those moments of just needing to finish your coffee in peace and take a breather.

Sit-to-Stand Alphabet Train

This set is a 3-in-1 toy that grows with your baby. It allows for them to sit next to the toy and play with the features, learning colors and sounds and then becomes a walker to help them learn to walk. Once they have mastered that, it transforms into a cute ride on with a train car seat. Teach them to put the blocks into the train for a fun way to clean up.

Kick and Play Piano Gym

We all know that tummy time is important and yet dreadful sometimes. I know my little one wasn’t a fan. We found this amazing little play mat that engaged him to actually kick his feet and “play” the piano. Once he figured it out he was a musical genius. The best part is that this can actually grow with your baby. You can rotate the piano so that they can “sit” up and play it and then you can take the piano off so they can carry it wherever they go!

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Bright Starts Around We Go 3-in-1 Activity Center

I have never seen a toy like this one! This activity table has a little walker attachment that circles the table teaching your child to walk while giving them goals to get to. My son used this toy for HOURS!

Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes

This is a toy you can use from birth to help distract during those diaper changes, and later have to just carry around.

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Musical Activity Cube

This little cube has all kinds of fun small games on each side.

Smart Shots Sports Center

Toddlers can learn to put the ball in the basket and count up to ten and later learn to kick the ball into the goal.

Stacking Cups

These cute stacking cups help your child learn to stack and also how to put them inside of each other like nesting dolls.

Bumpy ball

This little ball is a sensory playground! It has two rattles that make a different noise and all kinds of different fabrics to feel.

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Flappy The Elephant

This cute little elephant keeps your child entertained with peek-a-boo and then a cute little song to sing along.

Stacking rings

This is a classic toy for children. Helps to develop hand-eye coordination and learning about different sizes.